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Since 1985, Helping Local Businesses Make Changes & Guidelines
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About Us

The WES Business Association was organized in 1985 with 10 members all located in West Hanover Township. 

For many years growth was stalled because of no public sewers or water.  The moratorium of no building was imposed around 1986 by our local government for the townships, and then in 1996 public sewer and water became available to the area. 

The ban was lifted so residential and commercial growth started to put money and problems into the townships. 

The business association was there to help local business with the local government to make changes and guidelines for the growth and betterment of the community. 

There are some that say growth was and is not good for our area, this idea is not the American way.

The West Hanover Business Association realized that East Hanover and South Hanover were experiencing similar challenges for businesses, in fact some of the members were actually from these townships.  The decision was made to expand the organization to W.E.S. Hanover's Business Association.

The W.E.S. Hanover Business Association has a breakfast meeting at 7:15am on the 2nd Thursday of every month. We meet in the Banquet room of the Skyline Family Restaurant, 7510 Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg PA 17112.

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